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Feel secure all day, every day, with our reliable cameras and tracking systems.

Measure Traffic

Track incoming and outgoing traffic to help identify points vulnerability with your security.

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Your security set up should reflect your security needs. All systems are custom built around what you need.

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Enhance your existing security system through integration with a variety of applications we offer.

Welcome to Crime In Progress TV

Here at Crime in Progress TV, we provide specialty security systems that are designed to meet your needs.. We work with corporate customers and government entities covering all security systems including alarm systems, security and fire systems, closed circuit (CC) TV and digital recording and access control. We are masters in creating surveillance systems for different domains which can be easily maintained and integrated to your existing security application.

Our Services

At Crime In Progress TV, we pride ourselves in providing high quality surveillance 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. With our high definition coverage, we can help you make your building safe and secure. Our most popular services include:

  • Retail Surveillance
  • Building Surveillance
  • Entrance & Exit Surveillance
  • Exterior Camera Installation

In addition to these popular services, we offer security services for military applications.

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If you have a security concern, question, or are looking for a no-pressure quote, you can follow the link below to speak to one of our highly trained service representatives. Since customer service is our number one priority at Crime In Progress TV, a qualified representative will contact you back within 72 hours.

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