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Retail Surveillance

Ideal for the efficient monitoring of point of sales and other sensitive areas, our modern digital surveillance system can deter employee misconduct and theft, such as incorrect entering of sales, utilizing video analytics. It also enables you to offer reliable protection to your staff, especially during the lonely hours of a night shift where 24-hour staffing is needed.

By using our modern digital surveillance system, fitted with top of the line CCTV cameras, you can greatly reduce the amount of alarms your security guards respond to. These surveillance cameras can also send images of crimes to the PDA’s or Smart Phones of management and security personnel.

Strategically placed security cameras can be used to observe, record, and measure consumer activity, leading to more effective staff planning and store layout.

Building Surveillance

Our reliable network of building security cameras in high rise buildings, government and education spaces can help bring reassurance to your everyday environment. This includes external areas such as walkways between buildings, as well as internal spaces such as shops, restaurants and school corridors.

The same surveillance system can be used beyond school and business hours to remotely monitor builing property and deter vandalism. A sophisticated, built-in motion detection system can generate an alarm, which automatically transmits images to your security operators giving them accurate, up-to-the-minute information, ensuring a speedy response-time from your personnel.

Entrance & Exit Surveillance

Cameras placed at the entrance and exit to a public building are designed to operate 24-hours a day.

This footage can be retrieved to be used as evidence if a crime occurs. It can also provide statistical evidence regarding how many people use public amenities such as museums, libraries and job centers.

Exterior Use

Security cameras on the outside of privately owned buildings prevent vandalism and increase security for the people living and working inside the buildings. Patrons, residents, and employees can feel secure as they arrive to and depart from their destination. Similarly, open areas such as town squares can be surveyed for the security of pedestrians.

Reception Areas

An excellent place to observe who is entering a public building, cameras viewing a reception area can help prevent crime, as well as monitor traffic to and from the building.